Basement Finishing, Key areas of focus

Are you considering adding usable living space and additional value to your home? Basement Finishing is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Renovation Partners provides free consultations to assess your basement and help turn your design ideas into a reality. You can transform your basement into an additional bedroom or guest room, game room, play room, home theater, or ultimate fan cave. The possibilities are endless.
In Basement Finishing, there are three key areas of focus: the floor, ceiling, and walls. Inorganic products are used during finishing projects that are created especially for the basement environment. These products also resist elements such as mold and moisture. Many basements, even finished ones, have smelly and moldy carpet, rotting wood, and discolored ceilings. We would like to protect your investment and keep your basement safe from these issues.

Stunning Bathroom Remodels with No Compromise Made to Functionality-

An ideal bathroom is one that not just looks great in terms of décor, but also meets your practical needs without compromising on factors such as comfort and organization. As your trusted Ballard remodeling company, we leave no stone unturned to help you with extraordinary bathroom remodel designs that provide you with the perfect balance of style and performance.
From choosing the right fixtures and furnishings to planning the overall design theme; we help you at every stage of your bathroom remodeling project for the best quality end results. In addition to having a dry usable living space, your new basement will also be more energy-efficient. During our first consultation, we will conduct a complete inspection of your basement to make sure it is ready to finish.
It is always important to start with a basement that is dry, free of mold, and structurally sound, call us today to get a free quote.